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Anadolu Sigorta collaborates with IBM to modernize its infrastructure capabilities


Istanbul, Turkey, 13 January 2022 – IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that leading insurance provider, Anadolu Sigorta, will adopt IBM Power10 to help manage mounting customer transactions faster with minimum interruptions.


Following a growth in demand for insurance services, Anadolu Sigorta was looking for a solution to help it stay ahead of the curve and deliver highly available services at the speed of customer demand.


With IBM Power10 Anadolu Sigorta expects to increase the performance of its systems. As Anadolu Sigorta sets out to deliver a range of insurance products, leveraging IBM Power10 will help reduce the potential disruption risks that may be associated with an increasing number of transactions. IBM Power10 has also been infused with hardware level security enhancements and enables end to end memory encryption which is designed to improve security for the company. Hence, with this integration, Anadolu Sigorta aims to also improve its performance and security in their IT infrastructure.


“We integrate the advantages of technology into our operations and internal processes in order to improve the services and customer experience we provide to our customers day by day. As a leading company in its industry, we aim to make our infrastructure capabilities more agile, accessible, secure and faster with IBM Power10” said Mehmet Abacı, CIO of Anadolu Sigorta.


Anadolu Sigorta, which has played an important role in the development of the insurance industry in Turkey since it was founded, has invested in its online channel and digitization. The company has already implemented IBM technology including Oracle/AIX and IBM environments on scalable Power8 servers.


The insurance sector is one of the leading industries in Turkey and with double-digit growth, in the third quarter in 2021[1], this growth must be supported by IT infrastructure which delivers agility, security and reliability to ensure continuous operations. Accordingly, Anadolu Sigorta, which looks to strengthen its insurance systems in terms of hardware and software solutions, takes its collaboration with IBM one step further by including the Power10 processor in its operations.


“The ability of IT infrastructures that could respond to rapidly changing customers’ demands and needs with pace and flexibility has become a priority for businesses to remain competitive within the market. This is the key reason for businesses to choose cloud as their preferred enterprise infrastructure.” said Volkan Sözmen, IBM Turkey General Manager and added “IBM Power10 is built for the cloud, be it private, public, or hybrid, with enhancements to meet enterprise demands around capacity, security, energy efficiency, elasticity, and scalability which are key elements to sustain this need of continuous growth.”


Designed to offer a platform to meet the unique needs of enterprise hybrid cloud computing, IBM Power10 is designed to improve cloud capacity and economics for memory-intensive workloads from software partners like SAP and the SAS Institute. In addition, the servers, which offer 2.5 times more performance per core compared to competing x86-based servers, offer solutions today's most demanding cryptography standards, future quantum security cryptography, and fully homomorphic encryption.



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