EPİAŞ chooses IBM’s AI-powered automation to reduce interruptions to its energy exchange operations

With the help of IBM Observability by Instana, EPİAŞ will be able to minimize systemic interruptions and increase the speed of resolution of potential problems.

Istanbul, Turkey, November 11, 2021  IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that EPİAŞ, the organization responsible for managing and operating energy markets, including power and gas commodities in Turkey, will switch to a private cloud-based feasibility tracking system with IBM’s AI-powered  enterprise observability software.

IBM’s AI-powered automation software, IBM Observability by Instana, provides application visibility and contextual insights to help prevent unforeseen IT incidents. The enterprise observability solution automatically builds a deep contextual understanding of cloud applications and provides actionable insights to indicate how to best prevent and remedy IT issues that could damage the business or reduce customer satisfaction.

By implementing IBM’s AI-powered automation software, EPİAŞ, will now be able to manage the performance of complex applications and software and will also be able to detect the stage of system outages, thereby providing uninterrupted service to its end-users. EPİAŞ can now empower its IT department with 1-second metrics through real-time data monitoring, thereby minimizing operational instabilities.

“Due to the continuous flow of energy supply and demand, IT infrastructure of EPİAŞ needs to work uninterruptedly. For this reason, it is vital for our organization, which has complex IT applications, to detect problems quickly and to reach solutions without reflection on the end consumer. Thanks to the services offered by IBM Observability by Instana, we can quickly intervene in technical problems in the infrastructure. Being able to easily observe the performance offered by the applications also allows us to identify the necessary updates and adjustments that the system needs.” said Mehmet Uçansoy Director of Information Technologies at EPİAŞ.

"One of the most important challenges of IT departments is to detect and solve interruptions led by the growing complexity of the architecture, which have multiple components and layers. Through the implementation of IBM Observability by Instana, EPİAŞ, which is at the heart of the energy exchange, will prevent potential upcoming problems proactively." said IBM Turkey Country General Manager Volkan Sözmen.

Observability is the extent to which provides information about the internal state or condition of a complex system based only on knowledge of its external outputs. The more observable a system, the more quickly and accurately you can navigate from an identified performance problem to its root cause, without additional testing or coding. Instana provides businesses with enterprise observability to improve application performance management no matter where applications reside – public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, on premises, IBM Z® and more – enabling DevOps teams to accelerate CI/CD pipelines. With IBM's acquisition of Instana, users can combine enterprise observability with AI-powered automation capabilities.



EPİAŞ was established on March 12, 2015. EPİAŞ, legally incorporated under the Turkish Electricity Market Law and enforced by the Energy Markets Operation License granted by the Energy Markets Regulatory Authority (EMRA) of Turkey. EPİAŞ is responsible for managing and operating energy markets, including power and gas commodities. EPİAŞ ensures transparent, reliable and trustworthy market conditions by providing a central counterparty service.

According to the results of the Fortune 500 Turkey 2020 research, in which Turkey’s largest 500 companies are listed, EPİAŞ was the first company by far. At the same time, EPİAŞ continues its activities as a “carbon neutral company” by zeroing carbon emissions arising from its direct and indirect effects for a sustainable environment in order to contribute to the world and the future.



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