Pegasus Airlines Automates Operations with IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Solution to Boost Employee Experience

Implementation of IBM’s Robotic Process Automation helped Pegasus Airlines automate and optimize operations while improving employee efficiency

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, June 28, 2021  IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that Pegasus Airlines, Turkey’s digital airline, has adopted IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate its internal processes and improve staff efficiency. Pegasus has benefited from IBM’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automation solution to optimize and monitor its operations and processes while improving talent management and helping its employees focus on higher value tasks.

Repetitive operations which take up a lot of an employee’s time, are often critical to the running of the day-to-day business. With the goal of saving valuable employee time for more important work, Pegasus has moved across to a new way of managing its work processes. The airline focused on simplifying and accelerating highly repetitive, routine tasks like its back-office paperwork including emails, invoices which require tracking or payments that need processing.

To address the issue of these highly repetitive tasks, Pegasus chose IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere. With more than 40 processes currently being managed by the RPA solution, Pegasus has significantly improved the efficiency of its back-office processes. Pegasus has also set a strategic goal to combine RPA initiatives with AI and leverage AI-infused technologies to use chatbots.

IBM is helping companies like Pegasus transform their business and industries by infusing automation to improve responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. The solution was implemented in collaboration with IBM Business Partner 32Bit Bilgisayar, one of the first companies to invest in RPA-specific technologies. This has also helped the airline address the integration challenge as the processes it wished to automate intersected various business-to-business platforms, legacy systems and regulatory arrangements.

Pegasus has implemented RPA in their finance department – improving processes for staff who would traditionally receive statements from the country’s five biggest banks by email. With IBM RPA, the transactions are directly transferred to accounting software and processes automatically. This implementation is already driving efficiencies in the department and has saved Pegasus staff five hours of work per day.

Barış Fındık, CIO at Pegasus Airlines says: “The aviation industry calls for advanced planning and continuous optimization and our vision is to become ‘Turkey’s digital airline’. Thanks to IBM AI-powered automation capabilities, the RPA solution now supports our business units and contributes to the strength of our workforce. This collaboration has increased our efficiency. Our employees can now focus on high value-added operations.”

Having implemented IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere, Pegasus’ strategic goal is to move repetitive and routine operational processes to software robots, minimizing human error and enabling their employees to shift to high value-added jobs as tasks become automated.

Volkan Sözmen IBM Turkey Country General Manager says: “The effective management of a low-cost airline company presents challenges such as reducing all activities that do not create any significant value, as well as ensuring employees are able to focus on work that drives significant value to the company. The need for RPA technology is highlighted by the fact that companies in the aviation industry facing these challenges manage very complex and diverse operations. Making investments to grow its fleet and increase the number of destinations and passengers, Pegasus chose RPA with Automation Anywhere developed by IBM to increase efficiency. As a part of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, the solution is designed to address immediate task automation needs and to make software robots smarter and more agile.”


IBM Media Relations

Ceyhun Göceoğlu