Abou Ghaly Motors Turns to IBM Cloud to Accelerate their Digital Transformation Journey

The leading automotive service provider adopts IBM Cloud to modernize processes and transform customers’ experience

Cairo, Egypt, June, 22, 2021- IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today that Abou Ghaly Motors (AGM), the leading integrated mobility solutions provider for the automotive industry and auto dealer in Egypt, is migrating its ERP workloads to IBM Cloud. As part of the company’s hybrid cloud strategy, the migration from on-prem to a cloud environment will help scale and streamline their business processes and provide new digital services to their clients, including individual consumers and auto businesses.

Customer expectations for a more digitized experience have required auto dealers to transform their operations and deliver an efficient, secure, seamless buyer experience. This requires companies in the automotive sector to modernize backend business processes, including finance and reporting, as well as customer-facing processes.

Relying on IBM’s technology and industry expertise, AGM chose IBM Cloud – the industry’s most secure and open public cloud for businesses – to host its ERP workloads in a security-rich environment, while allowing for IT cost efficiency and flexibility in their business operations. With a hybrid cloud approach from IBM, AGM’s administration and reporting time went down by 90%, allowing their salespeople to stay focused on client experience.

The migration will also allow AGM to digitize users’ experience by availing new services such as virtual assistants and smart dashboards that will enable their clients to utilize mobile interactive tools to communicate with salespeople, make buying decisions and facilitate purchases.

“As part of our vision to modernize our infrastructure and foster seamless touch-points with our clients, we chose IBM for its industry-leading security and cloud capabilities to manage our data, reduce operational complexity and change our users’ digital experience in alignment with the ongoing automotive digital transformation,” said Khaled Maddah, Innovation and Technology Director, AGM. 

“As industries of all kinds strive to meet consumer expectations, a hybrid cloud strategy can help create opportunities for innovation. Organizations need architectural flexibility and technologies like IBM Cloud to help modernize applications for improved ROI, build cloud-native applications, and securely manage them at scale,” said Wael Abdoush, General Manager, IBM Egypt. “By working with AGM to accelerate their digital transformation, we are able to support their business vision and fuel their growth,” Abdoush added.

IBM has been operating in the Egyptian market for 67 years and has a long history of successful projects and initiatives with both the public and private sectors. Recently, IBM announced key partnerships with Egyptian organizations including EgyptAir and Telecom Egypt to leverage IBM Cloud and AI capabilities to redefine organizations’ transformation and help them build the foundation for a new era of technology and business driven by data, cloud, and AI.


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