IBM’s free digital education platform Open P-TECH now in Turkish

The platform offers courses on AI, Cloud and other cutting edge technologies.

ISTANBUL, Turkey, 11 November, 2020 –IBM’s digital education platform Open P-TECH, which was made available in Turkey early this year, is now available in Turkish language. The platform has been launched to equip young people and educators with the necessary knowledge and skills focused on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cybersecurity along with professional skills such as design thinking and agility.  This includes “new collar” jobs, where having the right skills matters more than having a specific degree.

In the World Economic Forum’s recent Future of Jobs Report on workforce trends in 20 economies, over 42% of all jobs will change significantly by 2022 and require new skills such as analytics or design thinking and soft skills like complex problem-solving. To address this, both public and private sector partners need to collectively come together to provide students with the academic, technical and professional skills -- such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration -- required to compete in the 21st Century economy.

Aiming to meet these skills and competencies that the business world requires and the need to have this in local language, IBM launched Open P-TECH in Turkey early 2020. The main differentiators of the platform are: its global free availability across Turkey and the globe, digital badges system that will allow students to have external recognition, possibility to extend learning beyond the classroom wall, and a dashboard to track progress. Built on IBM Hybrid Cloud technology, Open P-TECH also enables its users to easily login and to leverage different training content through microservices provided by third parties.

The platform, which is free and available to everyone, can be accessed through the link:

“We have observed a 200 percent increase in the number of registrations to the platform since we announced the launch of the P-TECH platform in Turkey in April this year. This interest is increasing day by day and we are working on enriching the content with new collaborations,” said Volkan Sözmen, Country General Manager, IBM Turkey. “Today, by availing the platform in Turkish language, in a period when the need for distance learning is growing, we are aiming to further support the development of future talent and equip them with the needed technical and professional skills that will help them be prepared for today’s sought-after jobs and successfully manage digital transformation”.